International Yoga Day 2018: 3 yoga poses to increase your height
International Yoga Day 2018: 3 yoga poses to increase your height

Yoga is used for a long period and has various good effects in the health and soul of a human body. 
There are some things that might shock you, as you’re unaware of the positive sides of yoga. 
Yoga can help you increase your height. 
We all are aware that international yoga day is just around the corner, so here is some amazing yoga asana that will help you gain those extra inches in your height.  you may have a chance to increase your height till the age of 23-24 years after which the body stops secreting the growth hormone

1. Tadasana

This asana involves a lot of stretching and growth needs just stretching, the pressure created in the body helps you increase your height. 
Stand straight with your legs apart, hands down. Take a deep breath and take your hands up in the air. As you lift your hands, slightly lift your heel as well. Stretch your body as much as possible. 

2.Vriksh Asana
The tree pose is a very famous one. Stand straight with your hands down, Make a posture of namaste with your palms, take your hands upwards and then take your left leg and put it on your right thigh. 
Keep the pose for next 30 seconds. This pose also involves stretching. 

4.Ustra Asana
This involves a good amount of blood flow, kneel down and sit on the yoga mat. Stand on your knees and then stretch your body towards your head, pull it from the stomach. 
Keep your body stretched and stay in the pose for 30 seconds. Breathe out and come back to the original pose. 

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