International yoga day 2018: Benifits for asthma patients
International yoga day 2018:  Benifits for asthma patients

The pollution has grown so much these days, a major amount of people are suffering from asthma, an endless number of tablets fail to improve the health status of the chronic disease. 
If you’re an asthma patient, Yoga can really help you. A great relief to the lungs. 
Small workout daily will help your immune system to a great extent. 
There were researches done, to understand the effect of yoga on health. about 1,048  people did it when it was held in India. Then later the trials were also done in Europe and USA. 

The participants were all asthma patients, ranging from just a span of a few months to years of handling the disease. 
The effects were noted in breathing, pose and meditation. 
The people stuck to the usual asthma medication. After the research was done there were solid proofs that yoga asanas lessen the harmful effects of Asthma in a patient's lifetime. But it was not clear if the medication could be stopped and yoga alone could stop the problem.
Yoga helps people to live a systematic, disciplined and healthy life. The poses and asanas increase flexibility and have other benefits too that might shock you.

What do you think are the effects of yoga in a person's day to day life? let us know in the comment section below. 

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