Call non-Muslims to Islam, if do not obey kill them: Qatar University 'professor'

Doha: Dr. Shafi Al-Hajri, a professor who teaches Islamic studies at Qatar University, made a statement on Al-Rayyan TV on November 25 that could create a rift between Muslims and other religions. He has said that the third and final step to spreading Islam is just war. Dr. Al-Hajri has said on TV, "First call people to enter Islam. If they don't come, ask them to pay Jizya (a kind of tax) to stay alive. When they refuse, kill them without showing any mercy.''

According to the report, Al-Hajri, a professor by profession, has said, "War is the third stage. First, we call people to Allah. If they come, they have the same rights that we have. But if they don't come, they will have to pay the tax. They have to give a Jizya so that they can be safe from others. The third step is that if they refuse to give even a Jizya, then they should be killed. 'Jizya' is a type of tax that is demanded from non-Muslims in the name of survival. In the name of this Jizya, the Mughals had exploited Hindus for a long time in India too. If they could not afford to give the Jizya, the Mughal rulers had the right to disqualify the property of non-Muslims. At the same time, non-Muslims had no choice but to convert to Islam or give their lives.

Even today, the talk of taking Jizya has come to the fore at a time when Qatar is surrounded by controversies over reports of conversion. In the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar, it is being seen how non-Muslims are being admitted to Islam by adopting various tactics. For this, multilingual men and women are teaching non-Muslims the lesson of Islam and tolerance. Passengers are being shown such boards, in more than 30 languages, in which Islam is written. Apart from this, books related to Islam are also being distributed among the people.

Not only this but how much effort is being made to promote conversion in Qatar can be gauged from the fact that they invited Zakir Naik to teach Islam to non-Muslims who came to see the FIFA World Cup. However, after India's protest, it was reported that he had not sent any invitation to Zakir Naik for FIFA. But then the question arises that, if the invitation was not sent, then how did India's fugitive criminal Zakir Naik reach the stage of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar?

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