Iodine –Is iodized table salt enough for good health?
Iodine –Is iodized table salt enough for good health?

If we all use iodized table salt then why is hypothyroid and cancer issues still on the rise? Can we have an iodine deficiency? The sad truth is that most of us are deficient despite having iodized salt.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of iodine is the thyroid hormones.  The thyroid hormones help with metabolism and many other functions of the body.  It is a nutrient that is very important for pregnant women, infants and for proper bone and brain development. 

If our body does not get enough iodine it will not be able to make enough thyroid hormones which then can lead to an enlarged thyroid gland (goitre) and iodine deficiency.  Other risks involved with iodine deficiency are hypothyroidism, depression, weight gain.  It also leads to mental retardation when babies or small children lack iodine.

Our body does not make iodine, so where do we get Iodine from? Iodine can be found in foods – dairy products, seaweed (kelp), some vegetables, eggs, bread, seafood and iodized salt. 



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