iOS now has Avatars and longer group descriptions thanks to WhatsApp's new update

USA: Avatars for profile pictures and "long text descriptions and topics for groups" are two new features that WhatsApp is introducing for iOS users.

While the latter is currently only accessible to a select group of beta testers, the former is available on the stable app. Users are advised to download the latest firmware. However, some people may be able to detect the changes in older versions of the app.

Telegram, an instant messaging service, has already released its first major update for 2023. In contrast, rival WhatsApp is constantly rolling out new features to its user base of over two billion people.

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The in-app experience will be more enjoyable with avatar creation (like Instagram and Snapchat). Longer subject lines and descriptions will help administrators add more group information.

iOS users can now create customized avatars and set them as their profile picture on WhatsApp. The stable iOS 23.2.75 update, which is now available on the App Store, is being widely distributed by the Meta-proprietary platform to enable the feature. To quickly determine whether the new feature is enabled for your profile, simply open the Settings menu for your account.

Avatars can be used for purposes other than just profile photos. After doing this WhatsApp will create a new sticker pack based on your customized avatar. With Sticker Keyboard, you can access your recently created stickers and share them with friends.

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With firmware version, WhatsApp has been enabling group details on the iOS beta app for a long time. Users can now set a longer group description with up to 2,408 characters using this new feature.

The longer description will let administrators save more data, making it easier for them to interpret their groups' goals. Remember that group descriptions previously had a limit of 512 characters.

Along with the long group description, WhatsApp has made a small change to group topics in the beta version of the iOS app. Individuals can now specify a subject for groups of up to 100 characters.

On the iOS app version, WhatsApp previously added an option to delete "messages for everyone" after two days. Unfortunately, technical problems kept the facility from functioning for a while.

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Hence, WhatsApp updated its stable iOS app to version 23.2.75, fixing the issue. Now, it is possible to delete "Messages to Everyone" once again before two days.

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