Opponent leader in 2008 bomb blast case arrested in Iran

Aug 02 2020 10:46 AM
Opponent leader in 2008 bomb blast case arrested in Iran

Tehran: For a few days, cases and incidents have been increasing all over the world continuously, one case has shaken everyone today. Every day one gets to hear something that shakes people's hearts and minds. Panic is increasing. After which someone has been losing his life, at the same time, the same question is arising on everyone's tongue whether in today's time they are safe or not.

On the other hand, Iran said on Saturday that its intelligence officials have arrested Jamshid Sharamhad, a leader of the pro-monarchy group living in America. He has been charged with involvement in the 2008 bomb blasts and plotting other blasts. State television, citing the statement of the Intelligence Ministry, has not said how, where, and when he has been arrested. Jamshid Sharamhad, who used to conduct military and terrorist activities from America to Iran, has been apprehended after a complex investigation.

A video was released on television, in which a person is calling himself Sharamhad and telling his date of birth. Later that person says that they needed explosives and we provided that. Iran's Ambassador to Britain Hamid Bedinejad tweeted that Sharamhad has now been taken over by Iran.

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