Iraq Protesters Burn Down Iran Consulate Again

Dec 03 2019 11:19 AM
Iraq Protesters Burn Down Iran Consulate Again

The political crisis in the country has not ended even after the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iraq Adel Abdel Mahdi, a country which has been struggling for a long time in the world. After the Iraqi parliament approved the resignation of the PM without voting, there is doubt over who will replace him. On the other hand, anti-government protests are still going on. The protesters set the Iran High Commission building on fire in Iraq's southern city of Najaf for the second time in a week.

According to media reports, earlier last Wednesday, protesters set fire to the Iran High Commission building in Najaf in which more than 100 people were injured. After this, after expressing resentment of Iran, Iraq's Foreign Minister Mohammed Alhakeem offered an apology to his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javed Zarif.

For your information, let us tell you that the protesters are still angry. Even after the resignation, the protesters reached the capital. During this time a protestor was killed in the firing of the security forces. The protesters have blocked all the routes leading to the port. Protests are continuing in the Shia-dominated areas of the country. The top Shia religious leader Imamullah Ali al-Sistani has already demanded the formation of a new government over the deaths during the demonstrations.

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