Iranian President seeks closer ties with Azerbaijan

TEHRAN – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has stated that his country wants to strengthen ties with its northern neighbour Azerbaijan. Raisi made the statements during a meeting with visiting Azerbaijani Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov on Wednesday, according to Iran's presidency website. Ties between Iran and Azerbaijan are built on the principles of the two nations' people and have been developed throughout history.

Raisi stated that the Islamic Republic's aim is to strengthen relations with its neighbours, notably with Azerbaijan in the Caucasus region, and that his country is willing to assist Azerbaijan with technical and engineering assistance. According to the website, Hasanov praised his conversations with Iranian officials as "helpful, beneficial, and path-breaking" for future cooperation.

Earlier in the day, the defence ministers of Iran and Azerbaijan met to discuss regional challenges and military cooperation, and to push for further defence collaboration.

Following meetings with his Azerbaijani counterpart Zakir Hasanov, Iranian Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani stated that the two neighbours should deepen relations and strengthen cooperation in the defence and security sectors due to historical and cultural similarities.

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