Ireland govt to lift most Covid restrictions

Dublin: Following a decline in the number of new cases, Ireland's government stated that most of its Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted as of Saturday.

There will be no social distancing requirements in public venues starting at 6 a.m. on Saturday, no limits on the number of people attending indoor and outdoor events, no restrictions on household gatherings, and no domestic requirements for a valid EU Digital Covid Certificate for access to various premises.

Businesses in the hospitality sector, such as restaurants and bars, would no longer be required to close before 8 p.m., and nightclubs will be able to reopen, according to the administration, which also stated that individuals will be allowed to return to work in offices on a gradual basis beginning Monday.

However, until the end of February, a limited number of public health measures will remain in effect, including the mandatory use of face masks on public transportation and in public indoor settings, as well as adherence to current protective measures in schools and early learning and care facilities, according to the statement.

The requirement of a valid EU Digital Covid for overseas travel, as well as other public health measures, would stay unaltered, according to the statement. The Irish government's decision came at a time when Ireland's Covid-19 infections had been declining for the preceding week or two.

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