Irrfan wore a kurta and did an intimate scene, he would be proud to hear the reason

Today is the death anniversary of One of the legendary actors of Bollywood, Irrfan Khan. Yes, Irfan, who won everyone's heart with his acting, said goodbye to this world on this very day, although his fans have not been able to forget him. Now today we are going to tell you an interesting story from an old interview of him in his memory. In fact, Irrfan Khan was asked about romance in an interview that 'Does he like a character like Paan Singh Tomar or romantic?' Then Irrfan Khan had said that he likes a character like Paan Singh Tomar on the romantic and film screen in real life.

During this time, Irrfan had further said that romance gives us the strength to fight the bitterness of life. At the same time, when Irrfan Khan was asked, "That's why when you went to work in Hollywood. In Bollywood, intimate scenes are also done by wearing clothes? In response, Irrfan Khan said, "Yes, when I was working with a director, he said that you have an intimate scene, you take off the kurta. I told them I wouldn't take off my shirt. After this, the director said that if you are on the bed and you are sleeping, then will you not take off the kurta?

In response to this, I said that we do not sleep here, we do not sleep here, we sleep here only dressed. After this, Irrfan further said that I am playing the role of Hindustani and this is the custom of us that I will do the scene by wearing a kurta. After that, I slept wearing a kurta. He further said in the interview, "I didn't want to show my body. I was ashamed. That's why I said it. '

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