Irshad and Ejaz Arrested for Fraudulent Scheme Promising Money for Impregnating Women in Haryana
Irshad and Ejaz Arrested for Fraudulent Scheme Promising Money for Impregnating Women in Haryana

Nuh: On Saturday, July 6th, police in Haryana’s Nuh district (Mewat) arrested two men for deceiving individuals by promising substantial sums of money for impregnating childless women. The accused, identified as Irshad and Ejaz, were operating a scam involving multiple fake Facebook accounts.

The fraudulent advertisements created by Irshad and Ejaz featured pictures of random women and falsely claimed to offer large payments to men who would impregnate these women. The ads were spread across several social media platforms to lure unsuspecting victims.

According to reports, the scam involved the accused charging victims registration and filing fees. Once the payments were made, Irshad and Ejaz would block the victims, leaving them with no way to contact or retrieve their money. The police were astonished to uncover the details of this elaborate scheme and the tactics used by the perpetrators.

The police arrested Irshad and Ejaz on July 6th and charged them under five sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). They were presented in a local court in Nuh and have been remanded to judicial custody.

During the investigation, Nuh police recovered four SIM cards from the suspects’ mobile phones. Two of these SIM cards were found to be registered at addresses in Maharashtra and Assam. Additionally, police discovered WhatsApp chats between Irshad and Ejaz discussing their fraudulent activities and interactions with men about the fake impregnating scheme.

Nuh's Growing Reputation as a Cybercrime Hub
Nuh has gained notoriety as a hotspot for cybercrime, often referred to as the ‘new Jamtara’—a nod to the Jharkhand town known for its online fraud operations. In November of the previous year, the Nuh Police’s Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) dismantled a sextortion ring, arresting six individuals: Mastan, Ibram alias Imran, Moin son of Nasubat, Shamshuddin son of Jamil, Irfan son of Sheru, and Shahid son of Khurshid.

Moreover, media reported a violent attack on the Nuh cyber police station on July 31, 2023. An Islamist mob, using a hijacked bus, stormed the station, destroying critical evidence and attempting to set the building on fire. This premeditated assault aimed to obliterate evidence of cyber fraud collected by the police.

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