Is anyone reading about you and your partner... WhatsApp has come up with a new feature.

WhatsApp is said to be the most popular messaging platform. Everything is completed with WhatsApp. Whether it's a chat with someone, a call or a video call. This app is also the most widely used in the world. Because it is safer than other social media apps and at the same time, with its use, anyone can send instant messages anywhere and talk to each other.

What if someone is reading a WhatsApp chat even after being so safe? Have you encrypted the chats end-to-end in your phone, yet someone has read your chat? You may be wondering how this is possible,  not only that, it can happen. With a small mistake, someone else will be able to easily break into your chats and read the message. Let us give you information on how you can check who is reading your chat.

WhatsApp web can be possible: Through WhatsApp Web, you will be able to open your WhatsApp in any laptop or PC. With this feature, someone else will easily read your chat. 

Anyone can read personal chat: If you have given someone a mobile phone and they have connected your WhatsApp to WhatsApp Web, then they will also read all your messages. Keeping an eye on your WhatsApp according to your convenience. 

How to find out who's reading chat: A very simple way to find out who's reading your personal chat. You can also check all the details by going to the linked device in your phone. With the help of this link, you will know whether your chat is being read by someone or not, with the help of the linked device, you will also know which devices are connected to WhatsApp. By looking at the linked device, you will be able to log out of your phone itself.

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