So after Zayn, now Gigi Hadid falls in for Taylor Cameron?

Aug 16 2019 03:36 PM
So after Zayn, now Gigi Hadid falls in for Taylor Cameron?

There is definitely something special going on between supermodel Gigi Hadid and Taylor Cameron and both are spotted with each other every day. There have been reports that Gigi and Taylor are dating each other. Taylor has recently been spotted outside Gigi's appointment and the two looked quite happy with each other.

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According to information from E-News, Taylor first exited the apartment and then about 45 minutes later Gigi had also come out of her apartment. Both Taylor and Gigi are associated with the fashion industry. While the two have come close to each other via Instagram.

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According to information, Gigi had previously been in a relationship with pop star Zayn Malik since 2015 and decided to part ways with him last year. Gigi had admitted about the breakup in front of the media and said that "the news of the breakup is never personal and that's why I'm talking about it openly. I will always remember Zayne's love and support," she added. At the same time, she added, "I will always be with Zayn as a friend and I wish him a good future."

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