VIDEO: Birds or rabbits? Your eyes will also cheat you!

Aug 24 2019 06:24 PM
VIDEO: Birds or rabbits? Your eyes will also cheat you!

On social media, sometimes such things go viral or there is something that makes a person baffled. Now a similar video is going viral on Twitter, which will make your mind completely baffled and you will be forced to think, 'What's this?' Any bird or rabbit?

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At first, it appears that someone is caressing the head of a crow-like bird, although you'll be surprised if you look carefully because it's actually not a bird but a black rabbit.

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Both his ears have been raised by this rabbit in such a way that he is looking at a bird's beak. The video was posted on his Twitter on Sunday by Dan Quintana, a senior researcher of biological psychotherapy at the University of Oslo in Norway, and he wrote in the caption, "The rabbits are lovingly having their noses on their noses. More often than ever, the video has been tweeted by more than 15,000 people and most surprisingly, people are unable to understand whether it is a bird or a rabbit.

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