Is it right to take keratin hair treatment? Know about its effects
Is it right to take keratin hair treatment? Know about its effects

Keratin hair treatment is a popular hair care regimen aimed at making hair straight, shiny, and soft. It works by replenishing the protein called keratin in the hair, which provides natural shine and strength to the strands.

Straightens and Adds Shine

One of the primary benefits of keratin treatment is its ability to straighten and add shine to frizzy and lifeless hair. Additionally, it can make your hair smooth and strong. It imparts flexibility to the hair and prevents breakage.

Controls Frizz and Locks in Color

Keratin treatment works to reduce frizz and seal in moisture, which helps maintain vibrant hair color for longer periods. For those with dull, rough, and sticky hair, keratin hair treatment can prove to be quite beneficial. It revitalizes the hair and makes it stronger.

Drawbacks of Keratin Hair Treatment

While there are numerous benefits to keratin hair treatment, there are also some drawbacks to consider. Firstly, if a pregnant woman undergoes keratin hair treatment, there is a possibility of hair loss. In such cases, it is essential for pregnant women to consult their doctor before proceeding. Since everyone's body and hair are different, some individuals may be allergic to certain chemicals used in this treatment, leading to hair loss or breakage. It straightens the hair to such an extent that it loses volume.

Points to Consider

After undergoing this treatment, you cannot wash your hair immediately. Moreover, post-treatment, your hair may become oily and greasy. Keratin hair treatment in salons can be a bit pricey. Before opting for keratin treatment, it's advisable to weigh your options or seek advice from a specialist. After undergoing keratin treatment, it's essential to take care of your hair. If you experience any adverse effects, seek medical advice promptly.

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