Is it true that eating much sugar can cause Diabetes?
Is it true that eating much sugar can cause Diabetes?

A study has revealed that the consumption of the sugar fructose such as in soda has been allied to a rise in metabolic disease worldwide. It has been asserted by some of the investigators that commonly consumed amount of sugar do no result in thus scourge, while others are influenced that excessive sugar intake is a major cause.

Senior author Mark Herman, Assistant Professor at Duke University, "There is still significant controversy as to whether sugar consumption is a major contributor to the development of diabetes".

“Though, the study reveals a specific mechanism by which consuming fructose in large amounts, such as in soda, can cause problems", Herman added.

The important harmone that regulates blood glucose after intake of food is Insulin. One of the earliest noticeable changes in the succession to diabetes is when the body's metabolic tissues stop responding normally to insulin.

"We found that no matter how much insulin the pancreas made, it couldn't override the processes started by this protein, ChREBP, to stimulate glucose production. This would ultimately cause blood sugar and insulin levels to increase, which over time can lead to insulin resistance elsewhere in the body," Herman clarified.

The reports of the previous studies said that the diet which is high in fructose can cause multiple metabolic problems in humans and animals, which includes insulin resistance and fatty liver disease.

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