Is Jennifer Lopez really behind the creation of Google's search tool? Know what is the matter

Jennifer Lopez is a famous Hollywood singer who always remains the subject of discussions. Her fashion sense is admired everywhere. Jennifer is one of the few celebrities in America who does not shy away from expressing her boldness even in public places. Now a news about him is becoming very viral. It is being said about her that Jennifer Lopez is the big reason behind the creation of Google Image Search Tool. Why is this thing being said? These questions are in everyone's mind, let us tell you what is the real reason behind this.

Actually Jennifer Lopez is a singer, actress and also a great model. She has won the hearts of millions of fans with her modeling. He also has a long history with Google Images. This is the year 2000 when Hollywood's most popular and favorite star of that time stunned everyone by wearing her iconic green leaf print dress which was chosen by Versace. The story of Jennifer and Google Image is related to this incident, which is being discussed today after 22 years.

Google Images is a search engine that allows users to easily search images from all over the world in one place. Today, the largest part of the world uses this search engine. If the news is to be believed, it was brought in 2001 because at that time the demand for photos of Jennifer Lopez's Green Versace dress is increasing even more. After its demand in 2000, it was added to the reverse image search engine in 2001. His fans believe that Jennifer Lopez is the father of the Google Image search engine.

Jennifer's green dress was the most searched on the Google image search engine: According to media reports, in the middle of that year, the Google search feed was filled with the question, “Okay Google show me the Versace jungle dress' or “Lopez green dress”. Jennifer Lopez was also the most searched celeb at that time. But it is not confirmed that at that time Google's search engine was excited to make this thing. The process of searching Google Images isn't something to be achieved overnight but Jennifer's fans think it could be one of the reasons for her creation.



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