Is Money Real or an Illusion?
Is Money Real or an Illusion?

Money rules the world is a common phrase you have probably heard. We use it to imply that money controls and affects almost every aspect of life. Whether it is your lifestyle or war, money has a strong influence. Countries rank in terms of wealth, and so do people. The wealthiest people in the world have plenty of money. But is money real?

The Illusion of Money

We all love to have large sums of money. Having or owning money makes us feel better and happier. With money, we can live wherever we want. We can travel to any destination. Money is an enabler of things. You look around and marvel at the way money makes things happen.

Some people will consider money an illusion. With this view, money is not ordinary coins or banknotes. Money is more than the physical reality. The physical note or coin is just a representation of money. What you consider money is an illusion because it is not something that exists like a stone or tree.

The bank notes or coins are purely paper and metal. These materials become money when central banks print them as fiat currency. We cannot have bank notes or coins if the government does not print money through the central bank. Then, can we consider money as something real?

But considering money as an illusion would also negate its reality. Money is real. That's why you can have it in your hands, your pockets, or your bank account. You can also have money in the form of digital currency like Bitcoin. You can trade with your Bitcoin through platforms like bitcoin up that considering the digital real money.

Money as Real

Money is real because of several factors. First, money is real because we can touch, see, and use it. You can have cash in your pocket or hands and feel it. You can also have money in your bank account; although you cannot see it, you know it is there. You know you have cash in your digital wallet, even with digital currency.

Second, money is not an illusion because it is a medium of exchange. We can use the money to buy goods or pay for services. As an exchange medium, money enables us to trade and do business. When you go to a restaurant for a meal, you will pay for it with real money. It does not have to be in the physical form. 

Third, money is not an illusion because it is a store of value. We often rely on the money we have to determine our wealth. That's because money stores real value. Depending on your location, having the local currency is essential. However, when you lack money, you have no such real value.

Impression Is Everything

Our impressions matter when determining whether money is real or an illusion. Have you heard about people who attach so much value to money that they can do anything to have it? Such people can even engage in illegal or risky activities like drug trafficking. Yet, not everyone falls in this category.

Since different people have different impressions of money, each attaches different levels of value or importance to it. For some, money is not all that important. That's what many people refer to when they say impressions matter.


Money exists, although its value can be an illusion. We often attach value to cash, depending on the amount. Money is present and usable. Hence, the place money occupies in our lives as a store of value and an exchange medium matters.

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