Is Nokia's story over once again? Now smartphones will be sold under new names
Is Nokia's story over once again? Now smartphones will be sold under new names

In a significant move, HMD Global, the company behind Nokia's smartphones and feature phones, has decided to rebrand its products. Users familiar with Nokia phones might notice a striking change in the market soon.

Nokia Branding Replaced with HMD: A Bold Decision

In a Thursday announcement, HMD Global revealed its decision to launch smartphones under its original branding, HMD, instead of the iconic Nokia name. This strategic move implies that Nokia won't be prominently featured on the company's upcoming smartphone releases.

HMD Removes Nokia Branding

Over the past few weeks, HMD Global has been dropping hints about a possible shift away from the Nokia brand. The company took a bold step by removing the Nokia branding from its official social media accounts, replacing it with HMD.

Anticipation for MWC 2024: What to Expect?

As the industry eagerly awaits the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, speculations arise that HMD Global might unveil its new smartphones with the revised branding. The company seems to be building anticipation with teasers and social media activity, hinting at a potential launch during the event.

Is This the End of Nokia?

Questions linger in the minds of consumers, wondering if this move marks the end of Nokia's legacy. The history of Nokia smartphones took a turn when Microsoft acquired the brand and later sold the rights to HMD Global. The Lumia series, once a flagship under Microsoft, faced a decline in popularity.

HMD Global, however, reassures users that Nokia smartphones and feature phones will continue to be part of their product lineup.

HMD's Clear Message: Nokia Continues, But Evolves

HMD Global is sending a clear message that Nokia's journey is far from over. While retaining its commitment to Nokia feature phones, the company aims to establish its original brand, HMD, as a symbol of innovation in the smartphone market.

HMD's Vision for the Original Brand

HMD Global expressed its desire to give a new identity to the original brand, HMD, signaling a fresh start for its smartphone offerings. Despite the rebranding, Nokia's legacy will live on through HMD's commitment to crafting quality smartphones and feature phones.

What Lies Ahead for Nokia?

As the curtain falls on the Nokia branding era, HMD Global is gearing up for a new chapter. The company's decision to focus on HMD as a standalone brand raises curiosity about the upcoming smartphone models.

HMD's Reassurance to Nokia Fans

Assuring Nokia enthusiasts, HMD Global emphasizes that Nokia will remain an integral part of their product lineup. The company aims to continue delivering reliable and innovative mobile devices, maintaining the legacy of the Nokia brand.

A Pivotal Moment for HMD Global

In conclusion, the rebranding of Nokia smartphones under the HMD name marks a pivotal moment for HMD Global. The company is set to redefine its identity and showcase its commitment to evolving with the dynamic smartphone market.

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