Is Rashmi Desai dating a 10 year younger boy than her???

Sep 20 2016 09:48 PM

It's like a golden thread which binds us together.. Thanks @iamsolaksh for always being my side!!! #FriendsLikeFamily

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Rashmi Desai who is famous as Tapsya of Uttran. She married to her co-star of Uttran Nandish Sandhu but earlier this year separated from him. She reportedly found love again and dating a model turned TV actor Laksh Lalwani who is 10 years younger than Rashami is but it seems they are happy together.

According to a source,"Rashmi and Laksh were first introduced to each other on the sets of &TV show Adhuri Kahani Hamari, and it seems that the relationship has grown over a period of time. The two used to spend a lot of time in each other’s makeup room during the shoots of Adhuri Kahani Hamari. They never admitted to their relationship then, and it is unlikely that they will admit to it now."

Rashami clearly discarded the news and call Laksh a dear friend only. She said on asking to clear about the picture posted on social media, "Why should I answer about my personal life? It is my social account and I reserve the right to put anybody’s pictures. I think I will have to shut all my social media accounts soon. You see people talk about this and many other things, but Laksh is a very dear friend, and that’s it."

Time will clear the rumors itself!

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