Is sexual harassment should be judged on the basis of clothing ?

People who think that revealing clothing leads to rape do not realise the psychological process of rapists. They’re interested in the body underneath, not the clothes the girl or woman is wearing.

The way women dress is routinely cited as an incitement to rape. References to sheer and clinging fabrics, low-slung jeans and low-cut tops, bare midriffs, short skirts and liberally applied make-up are common in the context of rape trials.

A woman’s outfit is often used during a rape trial to discredit her reputation and suggest she is the “sort of woman” unlikely to refuse consent to sex.

Never do we stop and think to console the victim first. Instead we attack her with a borage of questions to get to the truth instead of taking her for her word. We make her the criminal before we make her the victim.

To make clear, sexual assault is never the victim’s fault. Someone has to act to commit rape. No one forces that choice. If seeing an enticing woman led men to conclude, “I’ve got to rape her,” all men would be rapists. Yet few are.

And plenty of assaulted women are not dressed sexily, including women draped in head-to-toe burqas. Interestingly, veiled women are blamed, too: “He must have seen a bit of her ankle, wrist, hair, neck… Who could resist!?”

It has gotten so bad that countries have banned short skirts because they feel this is what provokes rape. Examples of such countries are:

Swaziland - Banned mini-skirts or crop tops because they provoke rapist.

India - Some schools banned short dresses, shirts, and jeans from students under 19 to protect women from harassment from the men.

Indonesia - They are considering a ban on short skirts (anything above the knees) as a follow-up to the anti-porn task force.

Islamic countries- Women needs to wear hijab.

The thought that wearing miniskirts sends wrong messages to men and argue that that has contributed to a surge in rape cases should eliminate from the society.

And while different rapists have different ways of thinking, they are all sexist. At the least, they believe they have more right to a woman’s body than a woman does, herself.

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