Is Bond girl Tanya Roberts alive? Know shocking revelation
Is Bond girl Tanya Roberts alive? Know shocking revelation

James Bond's film "A View to a Kill" after the information of the Hollywood actress Tanya Roberts' death went viral has now revealed in the latest information that she is alive. Late Sunday night her representative Mike Pingley told several media houses about Tanya's death. After being released, she has now said that this happened by mistake. In addition to the James Bond film, Tanya has also been a part of the famous television show That '70s Show.

Pingley told 'The Hollywood Reporter' that his partner Lance O'Brien felt that she had died, although the next morning, the hospital staff called and told them that Tanya was alive and that nothing had happened. However, Pingley also said that Tanya is still in ICU and her health is not looking good. Pingley said, "I had received confirmation of her death but he was very nervous."

Tanya told the representative, "So yes, we came to know this today at 10 am, the hospital administration called us and told that she is still alive but she is not feeling well. Hope we get something soon and we will get the latest information." It is very disturbing for us. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is not sharing any information about Tanya's health herself.

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