Is the Fast of Vat Savitri Incomplete Without the Story? Married Women Must Read This Tale
Is the Fast of Vat Savitri Incomplete Without the Story? Married Women Must Read This Tale

The Vat Savitri fast, a significant observance in Hindu tradition, will be observed on Thursday, June 6th. This fast is dedicated to the longevity and well-being of husbands, mirroring the significance of Karva Chauth for married women. The Vat Savitri fast is held annually on the Amavasya (new moon day) of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Jyeshtha. On this day, women undertake a fast and perform rituals for the long life of their husbands. The fast is considered incomplete without reading the Vat Savitri Katha (story).

The Vat Savitri Katha:
King Ashwapati had a daughter named Savitri. She married Satyavan, son of the sage. Narada Muni had informed Ashwapati of Satyavan's virtuous nature but also foretold his death within a year. Despite her father's concerns, Savitri insisted on marrying Satyavan. Satyavan lived in the forest with his parents, and after marriage, Savitri joined them in the forest.

Aware of the impending death of her husband, Savitri started observing a fast. On the foretold day of his death, Satyavan went to the forest to chop wood, accompanied by Savitri. While climbing a tree, Satyavan felt a sharp pain in his head, descended, and laid his head in Savitri's lap. Soon, Savitri noticed messengers of Yama (the god of death) approaching to take Satyavan's soul.

Savitri followed Yama as he took Satyavan's soul. When Yama noticed her, he stopped and told her that her duty to her husband ended on Earth and she could not accompany him further. Savitri insisted on following her husband, citing her duty and devotion. Impressed by her dedication, Yama granted her a boon. Savitri first asked for the restoration of her parents-in-law's eyesight, which Yama granted. As Yama continued, Savitri followed again. Yama offered another boon, and she asked for the return of her father-in-law's lost kingdom. Yama granted this wish and proceeded. Yet again, Savitri followed, and Yama offered a final boon. This time, she asked for 100 sons from Satyavan. Yama, bound by his word, granted the boon and thus had to return Satyavan's life.

Savitri returned to the tree and found Satyavan revived. Therefore, on this day, women fast and pray for their husbands' long life, prosperity, peace, and happiness, commemorating the unwavering devotion and righteousness of Savitri.

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