Was Tipu Sultan a freedom fighter or a cruel ruler? Know here

While the Congress and the Left parties are in favour of celebrating Tipu Sultan's birth anniversary as a freedom warrior, the BJP-Shiv Sena portrays him as a ruthless king who fights exclusively for his faith and oppresses Hindus. The BJP-Shiv Sena argument has been proven correct throughout history. Take a look at the following phrases:-

'You have to go after the kurgos.' After then, ladies and children must hurl their swords in front of everyone and convert everyone to Islam. 10,000 individuals have hung from trees in the district ten years ago, whether they had to be imprisoned or murdered. Since then these trees have still been waiting. has been mentioned by Mir Hussain Kirmani, court historian of Tipu Sultan himself in his book History of Tipu Sultan.

It is true, though, that Tipu fought the British with great valour. He sought to subdue the Maratha, the Nizam, the monarch of Travancore, and the Coorg at the same time. He went to great lengths to perpetrate cruelty for this. Haider Ali's father had seized power from the Wadar family. After Haider's death in 1782, Tipu became ruler of Mysore. Tipu Sultan's ruthlessness began only after he became king, when he ordered a big force to conquer Kerala in 1788. Calicut, a well-known city, was devastated. Hundreds of temples and churches have been selectively dismantled. Hundreds of thousands of Hindus and Christians turned to Islam. Those who refused to consent were executed.

While hearing a PIL, the Karnataka High Court also questioned Tipu Sultan's role as a freedom warrior. The court ruled that Tipu Sultan was an emperor who fought to safeguard his interests, not a freedom warrior. "What is the rationale behind celebrating Tipu Jayanti?" asked a panel of the Karnataka High Court, led by Chief Justice SK Mukherjee. Tipu was an emperor who battled opponents to maintain his interests, not a freedom warrior.

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