Ishqbaaz written updates: Shivaay meets with an accident
Ishqbaaz written updates: Shivaay meets with an accident

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz, Shivaay and Anika are seen together when Dadi calls him. He goes to meet her but before that, Anika's charm bracelet falls. She tells Shivaay how this is not a good sign. Shivaay decides to get it fixed.

He then asks Om about Rudra and the former tells him he has gone to meet Bhavya. Shivaay takes out his phone to call him, but notices he has missed calls on his phone, and a message that asks him to reach the temple. Shivaay recalls the girl who had thrown a chit at him during the wedding. He leaves to meet her to know the truth. Om thinks about Gauri and gets emotional.

Shivaay meets the girl where she had asked him to and she shows him something that leaves him devastated. She asks him to do something, but Shivaay refuses. On his way back to the car, a speeding car hit him. Anika instinctively knows something is wrong.

Tej feels Svetlana is around and hears someone in Pinky's room. Svetlana tells Pinky to get her the keys of the painting. Tej enters Pinky's room, but Svetlana hides just in time. Tej is still suspicious and knows Pinky cannot be trusted.

Shivaay goes missing for 15 days. The family is in utter shock and there are reporters outside the Oberoi mansion. While they worry for Shivaay, Anika knows he is alive and safe. She goes to the Kuldevi temple for Pooja. At the temple, while she is waiting in the queue, Shivaay arrives. He pretends to not know Anika. Anika finds his behaviour weird.She comes back home and informs others in the family. Shivaay comes there too and is ready with an explanation. Keep watching this space for more updates on Ishqbaaz.

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