'Our first target is to destroy Pakistan...', this terror outfit adds to Imran's woes

Islamabad: Pakistan is largely responsible for the current condition of Afghanistan. This was what the whole world used to say until now, but now a terrorist organization has said the same thing. The Islamic State, a terror group that has rocked Afghanistan with day-to-day bombings, has said that Pakistan is responsible for the current situation in Afghanistan. The Islamic State is also known as Da'esh and ISIS-K. It has described Pakistan as its first target.

ISIS-K has warned that anyone who goes against Islam or opposes the Quran will face the wrath of the terror group, which is intended to adopt Sharia rules. A member of ISIS Khurasan (ISIS-K) in Afghanistan said his first target is to destroy Pakistan. According to reports, ISIS-K member Najifullah (Nazifullah) has blamed Pakistan for what is happening in Afghanistan.

Tell us that ISIS is currently increasing its activity in Afghanistan. He considers the Taliban his arch enemy. According to media reports, nazifullah, a member of the terror group, said, "Our first target is to ruin Pakistan, because Pakistan is the main reason for every situation in Afghanistan. ’

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