ISIS recruiter Huzaifa al-Bakistani killed in US drone attack

Jul 21 2019 09:44 AM
ISIS recruiter Huzaifa al-Bakistani killed in US drone attack

Srinagar: ISIS commander Huzaifa al-Baistani, who recruits Kashmiri youth to ISIS, has been killed in a drone strike. Highly vicious and trained, these Pakistani terrorists had made many Indian youths terrorists. It was killed in a drone attack in Khoagyani district of Afghanistan's Narghar province on Friday. Indian security agencies believe that Huzaifa used to recruit youth in the ISIS online. It was also responsible for the terrorist activities of the ISIS in Jammu and Kashmir.

Huzaifa was conducting activities of ISIS in Jammu and Kashmir and Afghanistan. Security agencies also believe that the same terrorist was behind the formation of "Wilayah of Hind". It is worth mentioning here that the IS recently claimed that it had set up a new province in India. He made the claim when there was an encounter between the terrorists and the security forces.

According to security agencies, Huzaifa was a Pakistani citizen. After taking an engineering degree, he joined the terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba. He then began to handle the media department of Laskar. He then joined ISIS. It formed the IS's grip in Jammu and Kashmir. It recruited several youths from Kashmir to the IS. Huzaifa had also met a Kashmiri girl. Liz az anagar, a resident of Srinagar, had her daughter Sabira's Nikah Huzaifa.

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