Israel: Health Ministry issues severe travel warning against UAE

Israel: In view of the morbidity in the country, the Health Ministry of Israel added the United Arab Emirates to the list of countries under severe travel warning, it announced on Wednesday. The list currently includes Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Maldives, Namibia, Nepal, Paraguay, Seychelles, Tunisia, Uganda and Uruguay.

The UAE has become one of the most popular destinations for Israeli tourists since a normalisation agreement was signed between the two countries in September 2020. Besides the UAE, there are currently "severe" travel warnings from Israel to over 10 countries.

The Ministry warned on Wednesday that if the situation in those countries does not improve, they could be added to the list of those countries to which Israelis are barred from travelling.

Israeli citizens and permanent residents who want to travel to the six destinations must apply to an exceptions committee. All passengers arriving in Israel from these countries must go into quarantine, including those vaccinated and recovered from the virus. Meanwhile, the Ministry removed the "severe" travel warning for Peru.

According to several experts, Israel paid a heavy price for the government's decision not to restrict traveling to the UAE that fall, with thousands of infected people bringing the disease back to the country.

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