Israel to provide security and intelligence aid to the UAE against Houthi attacks

JERUSALEM: Israel has denounced the deadly Houthi attack in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday and pledged to aid the Arab country with security and intelligence.

According to news report, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett posted on Twitter that he "strongly condemns" the drone strike near Abu Dhabi's airport by the Iranian-backed Houthis, which killed at least three people and injured six more. "Israel supports the United Arab Emirates. (Crown Prince) Mohammed bin Zayed has my support. Terrorists must be confronted by the entire world "Bennett sent out a tweet.

Bennett stated in a letter to bin Zayed that Israel is "committed to cooperating closely" with the UAE against "extremist elements in the area," and that Israel will provide "security and intelligence support" to help avoid future assaults. Bennett replied, "I have directed the Israeli security services to provide any help to their colleagues in the UAE, should you be interested."

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