World's most expensive mask studded with black and white diamonds worth Rs 11.23 crore
World's most expensive mask studded with black and white diamonds worth Rs 11.23 crore

People are currently using masks to avoid the coronavirus. Many people are also making expensive masks. Now recently a mask worth Rs 11.23 crore is in the discussions. This is not the first such expensive mask, but before that many expensive masks made headlines. In the past, Shankar Kurade of Pune had made a customised gold mask for himself. His special mask cost Rs 2.89 lakh.

Even more this many expensive masks made to the top of newspapers and TV channels. This mask has been made by a jewellery company of Israel. It is made of gold and diamonds. It worths 11.23 crore rupees ($ 1.5 million), such reports are coming. Although someone has bought this mask, the company refused to identify the person who bought the mask. Recently, a website says, this case is from Jerusalem, Israel. Jerusalem's famous jewellery company 'Yvel' has made this mask with gold and diamonds. Its price is 11.23 crore rupees ($ 1.5 million). It is designed to avoid corona. Recently, the owner and designer of the company, Isaac Levy, talked about this.

"18-carat white gold mask is decorated with 3,600 white and black diamonds. In this mask, we have applied the top-rated N99 filters on the demand of the client. The client had two demands. First, the mask should be ready by the end of this year and second, it should be the most expensive mask in the world. We cannot reveal the identity of our client, he was a Chinese businessman living in America. I believe that everything cannot be bought with money, but if a person can buy the world's most expensive' Covid-19 'mask and will gladly wear it and move around, So what else can be bigger than this. I hope we will get more work because of this mask".

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