Israel’s New Technology will help you see Through Walls

The Israeli military is utilising its new technology that will help them to detect objects and even people behind solid walls with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The Xaver 1000 is part of a 'see-through walls' family of products that can provide real-time information, which could be a game-changer in military applications. It is developed by an Israeli imaging solutions company called Camero-Tech. 

The technology was first revealed to the wider world for the first time at the Eurosatury 2022 exhibition held in Paris earlier this week. The company claims that the Xaver 1000 can penetrate through the most common building materials and that it requires minimal training to use thanks to its simple user interface. On the company’s website, it describes the piece of hardware as an 'Essential system for Military, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue teams and Intelligence units, operating in various situations including hostile urban and disaster environments'.

"The system creates an unprecedented situational awareness 3D visual picture, providing a clear operational advantage and the ability to 'step into the known'," it says. It can display images in a clear-enough resolution for the user to identify whether a person behind the wall is seated, standing or lying down.

“Even if an individual has been motionless for a prolonged period of time, the AI-assisted tech will still pick them up,” Camero-Tech added.  According to Shephard Media, “The 10.1inch touchscreen display requires very little training to be operated,”

Only the Israeli military will be able to make use of its proprietary technology, although the device has piqued the interest of countries around the world.  CEO and founder of Camero Amir Beeri said, “The XaverTM 1000 determines the most suitable approach to ensure successful life-saving missions in a variety of operational scenarios, such as hostage rescue situations,” 

He further added, “[It] is a true game-changer for special forces and law enforcement teams conducting urban and rural operations that require reliable information regarding hidden live objects,"

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