ISRO on Mission Mangalyaan: It worked well for 8 years...

New Delhi: India's first Mars mission is over now. After about 8 years of launch, Mangalyaan lost contact with the ground station, which can no longer be restored, thus completing the life journey of this mission. Giving information in this regard, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said on Monday that the fuel and battery in Mangalyaan have run out, due to which this mission is now over. Let us tell you that Mangalyaan was designed for a life of only 6 months, but it has worked well for 8 years.

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ISRO said in a statement that contact with the vehicle can no longer be restored and it has completed its life journey. Let us tell you that Mangalyaan was launched on 5 November 2013 and it was successfully placed in Mars orbit on 24 September 2014. ISRO has said that 'During these 8 years, this vehicle equipped with five scientific instruments gifted important scientific understanding on the characteristics of the surface of Mars, its morphology, the atmosphere of Mars and its exosphere.'

In fact, on September 27, ISRO organized a one-day national meeting to mark the completion of 8 years of the Mars Orbiter Mission. During this national meeting, ISRO told that the mission is over now. ISRO said that this mission will be known as the best technical and scientific achievement in the history of planetary exploration. 

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