It does get exhausting: Mohit Malik on double role

May 19 2019 06:15 PM
It does get exhausting: Mohit Malik on double role

Actor Mohit Malik, who has taken a break from playing the sensitive and compassionate character Sikander in the TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, says the decision to make him play a double role was not an impulsive call but a creative one.

"Playing a 10-year-old does come with its fair share of challenges but it is more mental than physical. All this while, I was mostly crying. It does get exhausting. A 10-year-old is non-judgmental, uninhibited, innocent, and naive, a clean slate, and playing him has given me a different perspective to life," Mohit said in a statement here.

"It was high time I wanted to break free from playing Sikander. As much as it was satisfying and I had finally found my comfort zone, it also took a toll on my health. The other character that I play is that of an imposter, a thug. For the first five hours, I am playing him and the rest I go back to being a child... it makes me wonder and also confuses me but you got to do what you got to do anyway," he added.

The actor took a quick break to also join an acting workshop. "My producers are aware how serious I'm about my craft and were happy to let me have three days to unlearn and learn with my guru Atul Mongia. The double role was not an impulsive but a creative call as we wanted to move forward and with our show doing consistently well, we did owe a breath of fresh air to the audience," he said.

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"Also, I needed some time off from playing Sikander and wanted to experiment and function in an uncomfortable zone as that stimulates me as an actor," he concluded.

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