It is beneficial for your feet to do semi-bound Padhotasan

Jun 18 2019 09:45 PM
It is beneficial for your feet to do semi-bound Padhotasan

June 21is is celebrated Yoga Day around the world. Yoga has become a Sanjeevani herb in our lives. It is very beneficial for your health. Diseases that cannot be overcome by medicines can be overcome by yoga. Yoga is a huge contribution to a healthy person's life. In this link, we bring to you today the half-bound Method of Padmatasan Yoga and its benefits.

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semibound method of sub-introduction
Stand in the taasan. Breathe in and lift your right leg and take the right leg to the left thigh without bringing it up without any pain. This pose will move to your right hip and knee. Make sure your balance is done before the next step. Keep the focus on your left leg to maintain the balance. If the foot is moving downwards, you can hold it with the left hand. Now move your right hand forward from the back and hold the right toe with the right hand. Breathe twice in and out of this pose after doing this. Exhale the hip joints and be careful not to bend from the waist joints. Exhale while leaning down.

Remember that like all the forward-bending postures, the purpose in the uintsana has to be lengthened. Rest the right hand on the ground. The hand should be in the head of the foot. Breathe in five times in total and release it outside so that you can stay in the pedestal for 30 to 60 seconds. Gradually, as your body grows strength and flexibility, you can increase the time not to do more than 90 seconds. Try to keep your back straight and keep the right leg straight. Let your head hang comfortably so that your neck muscles are not stressed.

After breathing 5 times you can come out of this pose. Breathe in to get out of the pedestal and lift the torso. Make sure that you keep your back straight and return from your hip joints. Do not leave the right toe now. When standing completely upright, you leave the thumb. Lower the right leg, also lower the hands and finish in the tadasan. Do all these steps on the left after doing it to the right.

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Advantages of semi-bound sub-sections

- Strengthens legs.
- This makes the leg you stand on is especially strong.
- Relieves stiffness in hip and knee joints and enhances flexibility.
- Helps in opening the muscles of the shoulders and chest and also improves respiration from that.
- Improves the ability to take care.
- Improves digestion.
- Enhances your physical balance.


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