It is difficult to take responsibility of father: Liam Payne
It is difficult to take responsibility of father: Liam Payne

Hollywood singer Liam Payne has acknowledged that he had to undergo many difficulties to take responsibility of a father. It is not easy to handle a father's responsibility on shoulders.

Let us also know that in the year 2017, he had a son, whom he named Beer by his former girlfriend Cheryl. On the same day, according to the report of the recently, Payne admitted in an interview with Esquire Middle East that he had to fight a lot to become a father.

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It further says that being a father is not an easy task, but it is something that requires a lot to learn and some time is needed to understand it. According to him, time is more frustrating when he becomes unable to communicate with his son.

He says that it is the biggest and the difficult thing to not understand each other. At the same time, especially when there is a young child in your house who does not understand how to communicate and you can not understand what they want in the end.

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