It is good to have these 12 plants at home

Dec 06 2018 12:28 PM
It is good to have these 12 plants at home

People spend alot on air purifiers in the homes to avoid day-to-day pollution, but do you know that some plants are such that they work as air-purifiers after planting them in the house. There is no more problem in maintenance of these plants and these also lead to the communication of positive energy in the house. 

It is believed that having greenery around the house keeps the heart happy and the health of the person is also good. According to old stories, trees are said to be planted outside the house, as well as planting of trees, sunlight also falls in the house, and the house architecture is also good. In one study, it has been found that by planting some plants in the house, they absorb the particulate pollutants in the air and purify the air. 

In its research, scientists have discovered 12 plants in which these types of properties have been found. These plants are Aloe vera, English-Ivy, Philodendron, Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Rubber Plant, Erica Palm, Micro Senseveria, Barwatton-Daisy (Zerbera Daisy), Boston-Farhan, Guldudi and Weaving Fig etc.

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