Keep these things in mind while doing yoga to get more benefits

Sep 20 2020 05:31 PM
Keep these things in mind while doing yoga to get more benefits

Yoga is a very traditional way to keep the body healthy. From Pranayama to Surya Namaskar and through various asanas, all the parts of our body are exercised. Many yogasanas are helpful in keeping blood pressure and cholesterol control. At the same time, yoga also protects us from respiratory problems and many fatal diseases. In this time, many people who did not do yoga earlier, have started doing it now. Such people must know some basic things.

Do not wear tight clothes while doing yoga-
By doing this, there is a fear of breaking the clothes during stretch of body muscles.
Also, tight clothes do not allow you to do a lot of yoga moves.
Wearing tight clothes can cause problems with your posture.
To do yoga, you choose a time when you are completely free.
It is very good to do yoga in the morning, because you have this time on all seven days.
Do yoga every day at the appointed time, it keeps energy in the body and gives full benefits.

Along with this, a clean environment and a calm atmosphere are appropriate for doing yoga.
You can do yoga on the terrace of the house in the morning.
On the terrace you will get open air, which will give full benefit of Yogasan.
Yoga is better if done on an empty stomach in the morning.
If this is not possible, keep a gap of at least three hours between yoga and food.
You can eat after sometime after doing yoga, but do not eat three hours before that.
However, immediately after eating, you can do Vajrasana, which is beneficial to digest food.

Along with this it is necessary to take care of these things.

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