Learning from failure stories of investment is important

Jul 06 2020 12:18 PM
Learning from failure stories of investment is important

Due to Lockdown and Corona Transition, everyone needs money. Every person who wants success wants to know about successful people in the past and also wants to repeat his success pattern. The same is true in the case of investors. They just want to read and listen to success stories. They are only interested in knowing what to do in savings or investment but the reality is that along with the success, if the failure is also analyzed and try to understand why an investment was not successful, then there can be more effective aspects for the investor. Must read success stories, it gives energy but the story of failure should also be read with the same rigor because it gives a lesson.

Value Research has been publishing many websites and magazines for the last two decades. Negative articles are not popular among readers. Negative article or analysis tells you what is bad in saving or investing, it tells what you should not do. A positive article tells you what is good, tells you what to do. A positive article is about making money. The negative article is about not losing money. Equity investors generally do not want to read negative articles. They are very optimistic.

Investors become optimistic by investing in equities and everyone starts watching well. It is not true. The reality is just the opposite. It happens that naturally optimistic people become equity investors. In order to start investing in equity, it is important that you should have a strong belief that the future will be better than the present. Now you must have understood why equity investors do not like to read negative stories. If I was concerned about increasing readership and making everyone happy, then Value Research would also focus only on optimistic articles. Unfortunately, investment is much more complicated than this. Mistakes or bad decisions can damage the value of your investment very quickly. It is not that good decisions will compensate for this loss. This compensation is almost difficult.

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