This Hollywood actress is worried about hair like ordinary girls

Jan 05 2020 09:31 AM
This Hollywood actress is worried about hair like ordinary girls

Famous Hollywood actress Rose McGowan is well- known for her talent in the world. Although she is an actress but like a normal woman, she is worried about her hair. Despite having many hairstylists, she still worries about her hair. Recently, she has disclosed to the media about this matter. According to which actress Rose McGowan said that working in Hollywood with short hair is not easy.

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According to a report, McGowan revealed that when she started working in the industry, she was questioned a lot about her short hairstyle. After coming to her statement, it has become clear that like every big actress in the film industry, she too has faced challenges regarding hairstyles.

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In her statement, the actress further said, "I always had short hair. When I used to work in Hollywood, they used to tell me that I should have long hair, otherwise men would not like to work with me. If they do not want to talk with me, then I will not get work. A woman said this to me. " McGowan feels that she feels vulnerable when she has long hair.

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