Tax refund worth Rs 62361 crore issued to 2044 lakh taxpayers during April to June

Jul 03 2020 05:36 PM
Tax refund worth Rs 62361 crore issued to 2044 lakh taxpayers during April to June

There has been a shortage of money everywhere during the Corona period. Which includes government treasury. The Income Tax Department has issued refunds worth Rs 62,361 crore to more than 20 lakh taxpayers between April 8 and June 30. Out of the total tax refunds, Rs 23,453.57 crore has been paid to 19,07,853 taxpayers, while a corporate tax of Rs 38,908.37 crore has been refunded in 1,36,744 cases.

According to the media report "The Income Tax Department has issued tax refunds at a speed of 76 cases per minute from April 8 to June 30, 2020. During this period of only 56 weeks, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has more than 20 times. Refunds issued for. " In an official statement, it has been said that lakh cases are more than Rs 62,361 crore.

These refunds have been deposited directly in the bank accounts of the taxpayers. No taxpayer had to approach the department to issue refunds. The CBDT has said that all taxpayers should immediately reply to the email so that those whose refund has not been received can also be found. In the same e-mail sent by the Income Tax Department, information is asked from the taxpayers about their outstanding demand, any difference in their bank account and refund. On April 8, the department said that in view of the Covid-19 crisis, it has decided to immediately issue income tax refunds of up to five lakh rupees.

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