South Indian Dosa made in 10 minutes with this easy recipe
South Indian Dosa made in 10 minutes with this easy recipe

South Indian dosa is liked by every Indian. After eating dosa in a restaurant you must also know dosa recipe especially when you have eaten dosa in a good South Indian restaurant. However, dosa is made in many ways like masala dosa, rava masala dosa, paper dosa, set dosa, ragi dosa, wheat flour dosa and many more. You go to any South Indian restaurant how many varieties you will get to eat dosa together. If you are looking for a recipe to make authentic dosa, you must know it.

Dosa Better Making Ingredients:-
Dosa Rice - 3/4 cup
Basmati rice - 3/4 cup
Urad Dhuli Dal - 1/2 cup
Fenugreek seeds - 1/4 tsp
Chana Dal - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste
Water - as needed
Oil/butter - 1-2 tsp/2 tsp according to the need
Note: If you want to bring brown colour to dosa, add chana dal which will also improve the test and the dosa colour will also be good.

Dosa Better Recipe:-
-To make a dosa better, first mix both types of rice together and wash it off well 3-4 times. And then soak it in water for 4-5 hours.
-Similarly, wash urad dhuli dal, chana dal and fenugreek seeds thoroughly with water and soak it separately with 1-2 cups of water for 4-5 hours.
-Now first take out the dal water and place it separately in a bowl and add it to the mix to grind the dal. And for all the water required, use the same water in which the dal was soaked for 4-5 hours and it will remain both tasty and nutritious. When it is crushed, remove it separately in a bowl.
-Now, similarly, grind both the rice that you have soaked together in a mixer.
-Keep in mind that the rice solution is not as soft as the dal dhol, let it remain a little rough. Therefore, they have to be ground separately.
-Mix water in the solution according to how thin you want to keep it.
-Now mix the dal paste and rice paste together and add salt and cover it on a low flame of the room for 8-10 hours to leave it yeast.
-After 8-10 hours, when you look at this better, it will be yeast and its quantity will also increase. Because having yeast makes anything swell more. Now beat it well with a pan.
-If you find the dosa solution a little thicker, add ahista-ahista water with a spoon and beat it further.
-Now take a non stick tawa and place it on the gas to heat it.
-When the frying pan is hot, slow down the gas, add a little oil or butter whatever you want and then spread the dosa better on the pan with a spoon.
-When the dosa starts cooking lightly, you add ghee/oil/butter around it with a brush. This will make the dosa even more crispy and will also make it very good.
-Now when the dosa starts browning down, its colour will also appear above. Bake the agreement you want to eat on a low flame on the pan accordingly.
-The chef also told us to keep in mind that the tawa should remain on a low flame otherwise the dosa would definitely be brown but would not cook well and its taste would not be complete.
-In case of dosa better yeast, it is very important to take care of the weather as if the better in summer is yeast in 8 hours, it also takes 12 hours in winter.
-Don't keep looking at the better again and again. It won't be yeast.
-Before putting the dosa on a better griddle, apply well oil around the griddle or the better will stick.
-Before you put a dosa better on the pan, clean the pan with a wet cloth, then add ghee and then add the better.
Make dosa at home in this way.

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