“It was sparky..”, Sasha Walpole claims Prince Harry lose his virginity to her

Prince Harry recently revealed the details about his first time in his recently released bombshell memoir Spare. Prince wrote that he had done it with an ‘older woman’ and called it‘an inglorious episode’ that happened ‘in a grassy field behind a busy pub’. Now a woman Sasha Walpole claimed that she is the ‘older woman’ who took Prince Harry’s virginity. She is a mother of two and 40 year old now. She claimed that he made the first move on her. She added that she did not know Prince Harry was a virgin at that time.   

Harry wrote, “She liked horses, quite a lot, and treated me unlike a young stallion. Quick ride, after which she’d smacked my rump and sent me to grace. Among the many things about it that were wrong. It happened in a grassy field behind a busy pub,” Sasha Walpole reportedly knew Price Harry worked as a groom at the future King Charles III. As per the information she had invited the then 16-year-old Harry to her 19th birthday. They were close friends reportedly. They then went out for a smoke away from the scrutiny of Harry's security. Sasha opens up about this and said, “He started to kiss me. It was passionate, intense. We both knew. It went from a kiss on to the floor pretty quickly."

She further added, , “It was instant, fiery, wham bam, between two friends. It was sparky because we shouldn't have been doing it. He wasn't Prince Harry' to me, this was Harry, my friend, and the situation had got a little bit out of control. It felt naughty, I suppose, in the sense that it shouldn't be happening.”

She further added, “I was shocked and feel like he has brought this to my door. I don’t understand why he went into such detail. He could have said he lost his virginity and left it at that. But he described how it happened – in a field behind a pub. That’s fine if you’re not the other person involved…But if you’re me, then you suddenly feel as if your world is getting a little bit smaller. He has done this to my privacy because I was going to keep my head down and not talk about it. If it wasn’t in the book none of this would be happening,”.

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