Now Haj will be very easy, government has given this facility

Dec 03 2019 03:46 PM
Now Haj will be very easy, government has given this facility

Recently, next year those who go from India to do Haj pilgrimage will have to do all the process online. As such, India has become the first and only country to digitize the entire process of Haj. Every year millions of people from all over the world reach Saudi Arabia for the Haj pilgrimage, it is considered one of the biggest religious events in the world.

Haj pilgrimage included in the duty: According to the information received from the sources, one of the duties that Muslims have been told in Islam is that they also have to go on Haj once in their lifetime and do all the things according to the rules there. A few days ago, Cabinet Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi went to Saudi Arabia, where he spoke with Haj Minister of Saudi Arabia Dr. Mohammad Saleh bin Tahir and also signed the agreement.

Will give information on the E-Messiah going to Hajj: Among the compromises that the Government of India has made with the Saudi Arabian Government, the most special e-Messiah is the health facility. Under this facility, little information related to the health of every traveler will be available in it. If any Haj pilgrim will have any health-related problem, then through this app, that passenger will be immediately provided with the medical facility. Under the digital process, online applications, e-visas, lodging arrangements in Mecca-Medina and traffic information there have been added.

Haj pilgrimage completes after doing these things

Ihram: In this Haj pilgrims have to wear special clothes. Men wear a two-piece white stitch. Women also wear open-colored clothes in which their hands and face are simply covered. During this time, devotees have to refrain from sex, fight-fights, fragrance, and cutting of hair and nails.

Tawaf: Upon reaching Mecca, devotees perform Tawaf, that is, rotate the Kaaba in the opposite direction seven times.

Sai: Haji walks seven times between the two stones of the mosque, it is called Say. This is a reflection of Ibrahim's wife Hazra's search for water.

Umra till now: What has happened so far is not Hajj, it is called Umrah. The main rituals of Haj begin after this. It starts from Saturday when Haji reaches Meena, five kilometers from the main mosque. The next day people gather near a hill called Jabal Ur Rahma. People congregate around the Arafat hill, 10 km from Meena, and offer prayers.

Mujdalfa: After hiding the sun, Haji goes to Muzdalfa situated between Arafat and Meena, where they stay till midnight. At the same time, they collect stones to kill the devil. The next day is the celebration of Eid when Haji Meena returns. There they perform the rituals of three times a day stone-pelting, the people who reach here under this ritual usually have to kill seven stones.

After the first time: After stoning for the first time goats are halal and meat is distributed among the needy. The goat's halali is considered a symbol of the sacrifice of his son Ismail for the sake of Abraham's Allah.

Cut hair: After this Haji cuts his hair. Men go completely bald while women get a fingertip. It is also a ritual. From here they can wear their normal clothes.

Tawaf again: Haji again returns to the main mosque of Mecca and takes seven rounds of the Kaaba. Haji goes to Meena again to pay the ritual of stepping stones and for the next two-three days, the ritual of throwing stones is paid. There have been a couple of accidents during the stone-pelting. There is a stampede here during this time.

And then Kaaba, complete the Haj pilgrimage: once again people go to Kaaba and make seven rounds of it, with this Haj pilgrimage is considered complete.

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