50 air hostesses took off their clothes at intersection, reason will surprise

There are many shocking reports day in and day out. Now, the recent news is from Italy. There was a stir at an intersection when a large number of air hostesses took off their clothes together and started demonstrating. The air hostess is said to be a former air hostess of Alitalia Airlines. As soon as the air hostess started taking off her clothes, the crowd started gathering and everyone started looking at them. According to a report in CNN, about 50 air hostesses performed at Campidoglio in Italy

The air hostesses are said to be upset over the salary cut and job losses and that is why they protested. You must be aware that Alitalia Airlines has taken over ITA Airways. This led to the job of a large number of employees working in Alitalia Airlines. Also, inform you that Alitalia airlines employed about 10,500 employees but only 2,600 employees in ITA Airways have been able to get jobs. On the other hand, an ITA Airways employee says, "They have not got a job according to their seniority. The salary has also been reduced considerably in advance. They don't even know how long the job will last?''

Talking about the performance of the air hostess, ITA Airways President Alfredo Altavilla says, "All employees follow the company's rules and signed the contract. I don't think the employees will strike. If they do that, there will be a protest against them.''

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