Its a meet up for Japan's PM Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump
Its a meet up for Japan's PM Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump

Japan's PM met US- Presidential elect Donald Trump on Thursday and has build up strong faith in him and believes he can be a good leader. Being the first world leader Shinzo Abe, has the responsibility to maintain cordial and peaceful relation across the globe.

Soon after the win of Donald Trump, Abe wanted to meet him to bolster relation between two countries, considering the security and trade ties between them.

According to Japan's PM the meeting was "really really cordial".

"I do believe that without confidence between the two nations (the) alliance would never function in the future and as an outcome of today's discussion I am convinced Mr. Trump is a leader with whom I can have great confidence in," Abe said.

"I conveyed my basic views on various issues to Mr. Trump but with regard to more of the specifics or details, because of the fact that Mr. Trump has not assumed the office as the president of the United States or today's discussion was an unofficial discussion, I'd like to refrain from touching on details," Japanese PM added.

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