Its easy to get glittery nails,trick are here !
Its easy to get glittery nails,trick are here !

Your nails are like jewels, don't use them like tools!  The struggle for applying a glitter nail polish is known by every nail polish lover out there. Either it spreads outside or leaves gaps in between making the nail look horrible. And the removal process is far more torturing.

Things you need :

A base quote, liquid latex (optional), glitter nail polish, a sponge, a top coat.


  • Start by applying the base coat
  • Cover the skin around the nail with liquid latex.
  • Apply the glitter nail polish on one corner of the sponge.
  • Pat the sponge on the nail. The sponge soaks all the liquid and helps you apply the glitter.
  • Peel off the liquid latex and apply a top coat to finish the look.


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