It's 'Karma' which decides your destiny

Jul 21 2016 04:30 PM
It's 'Karma' which decides your destiny

Karma means what goes around comes around. It is the circle of life that every act you perform in or against the favour of any person happens with you in later time. Every individual when does anything knows that it is right or wrong but only 80% have the gut to admit that it is wrong. 20% of the people never accept that what they have done is wrong.

When anyone beat a dog on road, many people will agree that it is the wrong deed but the person who is doing it will never agree on it as for him nothing is wrong in performing this brutal act. When people don’t realize the payback of their deed it becomes very risky. As its consequence can be harsh.

When you perform anything against someone you should immediately get ready that the same thing can happen with you in future and when this happen you come to know about the pain of person.

Karma gives you many chances so that you come on right track but when you ignore it there is one day when you finally get trap in the hands of karma. It is not always necessary that everything that wrong happens with the individual is because of karma but most of the time it is.

So, be aware before you do anything with anyone.


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