Ivan Rakitic: I just don’t like to play against Messi! 

Jun 11 2018 04:13 PM
Ivan Rakitic: I just don’t like to play against Messi! 


Ivan Raktic and Lionel Messi used to play together in the same team for about 4 years but still being in the same team the players can have insecurities. Ivan Raktic revealed about one such in an interview. When he asked about playing against the star footballer Messi this FIFA world cup Ivan said that even during their training he doesn’t like to play with Messi. They have played together for 4 years. 

“I am amazed at his out of the world skills. It has happened so many times during the match that I have smiled seeing him doing incredible things. In Barcelona, we all know what he is and what he brings to a team. However, it will be different when we meet in Nizhny. For those 90 minutes, I shall try my best so that Leo cannot play to the best of his abilities” said Ivan.

Ivan even said that Messi is a great player and a great teammate.nobody can mark Messi, those who had tried to do so, invariably failed.

Ivan About the matches said that “We have three matches, let us concentrate on those known opponents. Fact is, we are in a difficult group and we need to play really well to go through”.

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