"I’ve got so much respect for Patty Cummins": Justin Langer

MELBOURNE: Following vehement accusations by the former opener that he was betrayed by "cowards" at Cricket Australia, former head coach of the Australia men's cricket team Justin Langer has refuted suggestions that he was at odds with Test and ODI skipper Pat Cummins (CA).

The former Australia opener said in a widely read piece that he felt let down by more experienced players like Pat Cummins and Aaron Finch, which eventually prompted him to resign as head coach.
Days before the team was supposed to embark for the historic Test series against Pakistan earlier this year, Langer resigned after CA just extended his contract by another six months.

According to reports, certain seniors in the team were not pleased with Langer's micromanagement of the group, and tensions reached a peak on a few occasions over the final 12 months of his contract.

On a podcast, Langer recently criticised Cummins for speaking behind his back and saying that when his contract was up for renewal, "he grew tired of the leaks about his future" that caused all the controversy.

Langer has since asserted that the claims of a falling out with Cummins are "absolute garbage."

Ironically, I spoke with Patty Cummins on Monday. We had a lengthy conversation about how the team, he, and his family are doing. According to a Daily Mail report, Langer told Channel 7 News Perth that some of this garbage is "total and absolute garbage."
"I have so much respect for Patty Cummins; I think he is a fantastic athlete and a wonderful person. Therefore, it would be untrue to assume that Patty and I are at war with one another. In an episode of a podcast, Langer had initially claimed, "I spoke to Pat Cummins. About five times, he stated to me, "This might be brutally honest." I told Pat, "Your criticism is not harsh at all. The painful part is that I'm learning about it behind my back from sources or the media. Nobody has informed me. Inform me.

Everyone was being friendly to my face, but Langer was reading about this, he claimed. "The term "source" is frequently used by journalists. Change the word to "coward," in my opinion. Why do you think a source says that? They either have a vendetta against someone and won't come and tell you about it, or they are simply leaking information to further their own goal, Langer had stated on the podcast.

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