Know the remedies of turmeric to become rich

Turmeric remedy can be very effective for brightening luck. This works to make the planet stronger. It also helps luck and get relief from troubles. So, let's know how to use turmeric.

1. If your luck is not supporting you, tie turmeric with a lump in a yellow thread and wear it on your arm or neck. By doing this your Jupiter planet will become stronger.

2. Those who have weak Jupiter in their horoscope should wear Pukhraj Ratna but those who are unable to wear it should tie turmeric root.

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3. Turmeric is not just yellow. It is also in orange and black color. So those who want to pacify Mars should donate orange turmeric.

4. People whose Saturn is weak or if Mahadasha of Saturn is going on, they can donate black turmeric. This will relieve problems.

5. If someone has stomach disease or is suffering from cancer, then such people should donate turmeric.  One should offer turmeric mixed with water to Jupiter Dev.

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6. If you get angrier then apply turmeric tilak every morning and leave the house. This will keep your mind calm.

7. To gain respect, add a little turmeric to the water while bathing. This will speed up your fortune. You will also get the desired job.

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8. To appease the Sun God, offer some Arghya by adding a little turmeric to the water at the time of bath in the morning. By doing this the person will progress.

9. To get money, offer five whole turmeric bales to mother Lakshmi on Thursday. After worshiping, wrap it in a red cloth and keep it in the vault. This will increase wealth.

10. Perform Havan at home to avoid negative forces. Add a pinch of turmeric to it. Doing this will remove negative energy.

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